By Lauren P

I love both birds, and have enjoyed seeing our regular robins in my area, as well as remembering the sight of a redwing that came into our neighbourhood one winter. Who knows, maybe you will see one of these birds soon? Take a look out of your window to catch a glimpse of these beautiful birds this winter

Robins are among some of my favourite birds; their bright red-orange chest and olive-brown back make them a well-known and memorable little bird. Robins are one of the most common birds, although you’ll usually only see one, or two, if it’s with its mate. Robins can be extremely territorial, and have been known to push other birds out of their territory. However, this does not stop them from being really cute!

Robins are about 14cm in length, with a wingspan of 20cm to 22cm. They act quickly, but when they land they pause, flick their tail, then pause, and fly off. They enjoy eating worms, seeds, fruits, insects and other invertebrates – try putting some in your bird feeder! Robins are also incredibly tame; they have been known to take mealworms from the hands of gardeners!

Redwings are another cute bird, similar in colour to a robin with olive brown backs and speckled breasts, but with a red patch under their wings (hence the name redwings)! They eat a very similar diet to blackbirds and other thrushes, including berries and worms. You may see them taking fruit leftovers (like chopped apples) from bird tables. They are similar in size to a blackbird, 21cm in length, with a 33cm to 35cm wingspan. However, the brown colouring on their bodies is a lot lighter than that of a blackbird, with their white-and-speckled tummy showing up well. Redwings are mainly ground-dwelling birds, dipping their beaks down into the mud to catch a tasty insect. They migrate to the UK for a few months during the winter, taking advantage of our slightly warmer winters, and then fly off again. They don’t stay in one place very long – unless the food supply is plentiful, so savour the sight if you are fortunate to see one!

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