This is our eighth issue and we have children sharing their experiences and stories about Missing Grandparents; Overcoming their Fears; and the World of Esports. We also have a very interesting story about Rockpooling written by 6 year-old Marthy. There is also a heart-warming story by AR where he shares how him and his family coped during Lockdown when his mother became ill. For the first time, we also feature a fictional short story. As always, there are Book Recommendations and lots of fun pages and activities to keep you engaged. Thank you to all our amazing contributors and a special mention to our resident artist Mahnoor for the fantastic image on our Front Cover!

Please keep mentioning and sharing our magazine to your friends and family. It really means a lot when we read all the lovely comments that we receive on social media! We hope you keep enjoying HomeCool Kids for a long time to come.

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